Tyra Tours: The Entebbe Zoo

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon in Entebbe, while you wait for a flight. It is near the airport and has quite a few animals in natural habitats. Unlike the US zoos with fake rocks and scenery, the Entebbe zoo is more like they just decided to fence in part of Africa! The animals are in with their native plants and many of the animals are rescued from poachers I think. The lion is very old and thin, but the other animals look very good and it’s a beautiful place to walk around, located on L. Victoria. You can see groups of animals living together which is nice also. The one exhibit shows giraffe, ostrich, gazelle, etc. all in same fenced area. The crested crane is in with the cape buffalo, and other animals also are grouped together. Nice, smaller and very relaxed zoo.

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