Tydeez Kids & Mothercare Kloset Boutique is a trusted one-stop shop for parents-to-be and their little ones.
The store is based in Kyaliwajjala a Kampala suburb. Kyaliwajjala is a busy town which houses many young mothers which is one reason why tydeez-kids & mothercare closet chose its stores in that area.

Tydeez-kids & mothercare closet specializes in retail and whole sell products for parents, babies and children up to the ages of twelve.


The business is focused on sell of New born products, maternity clothing, children’s clothes from ages of 1 year to twelve years, and. ordinary mothers clothes.

It also sells children’s furniture and home furnishings and deals in a wide range of other essential products such as beddings, reading books, feeding equipments, bathing products, baby formula, travel equipment, and a wide range of toys.

Tydeez-kids and mother care closet also offers maternity clothing for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and ordinary mothers.

We sell modern and stylish designs to make mothers feel good about themselves and embrace their new body changes before and after delivery.

Tydeez-kids and mothercare closet provides a wide range of products for mothers such as bathing products, accessories such as Jewelley, inner garments such as, cotton, bras, panties, body shapers, half-slips, full petty-coarts, body-tights, bikers, breast pads, nursing pads nursing bras, body socks, shower caps, and many other related products.